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“Can we talk later?”

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What is this OH SHIT moment my body is experiencing without me?  Since flight isn’t in me, my instinctual FIGHT kicked in while my brain was stuck in a “post-send” Dr, Strange like time loop.  

I was confused.  

The vibe running through my body felt very “it’s either me or you” but, that doesn’t make sense.  I’m not picking a fight… I just needed some Ad- Vie -S-a’.

You know… It’s like when you ask for directions – “Advice”.  

Me – I’m a Serial Entrepreneur who sells intellectual property, “No strings on me”.  The classes we sell, I wrote.  The sales trainers were trained by me.  The distribution and marketing strategy done to the copy is mine.  In fact, just two weeks ago I told this same person “If you want this project to move forward, don’t ever give me any advice.”

True Story.

If… I’m so in control, riddle me this.  

Why did asking for advice trigger this “will you go to the dance with me” feeling?  It was like when my girl grabbed my hand for the first time… I knew she was interested.

Negotiations were just starting.  

My name is Jason L. Perez & WELCOME to the i-Power Moves Podcast!

The i-Power Moves Podcast is like Tupac’s Thugs Mansion mixed with Oden’s Valhalla!  This is a place where the Apex Predators who dream of beating everyone can reminisce about their relentless hunt for market-share.  This podcast isn’t about work – life balance.  FUCK your balance!



✔️ YES – Hunt Market-share RELENTLESSLY!  

Some of you are already getting offended and contemplating your escape from the inevitable request for accountability coming your way.  

“Beat Everyone is too aggressive.”

“Clients don’t want to feel hunted.”

If either of those statements have crossed your mind, stop reading now and go pet your therapy dog because, business is a contact sport, and we don’t have the staff to deal with panic attacks.  

Enter at your Own RISK!

Let’s be clear on a few things… 

1st. NEVER have I EVER opened my eyes in the morning and said, “I can’t wait to give my clients subpar service and eventually loose them to someone who cares”. 

Do you strive to give shitty service 


Do you dream of being the BEST?

How is that not a serious question?  Some of you should be honest and say “Yes I strive to give shitty service” because, you’re sure not dazzling anyone”.  

2nd. Never have I EVER heard someone say, “I wish my competitor all the luck in the work and hope she expands her reach into my network”.


People cringe when someone gives it to them straight yet, those same people say things like the shortest distance between two locations is a straight line.  i-Power Moves Podcast is a straight line through fear, into the insight you needed to begin hustling with confidence.

I found my nervous energy today.

It was hiding behind my routine.

I wake up to hunt the market-share I’ll dream about tonight.  WE – alone create the Power to Make our NEXT POWER MOVE.  “Oh-Shit” moments are everywhere. When you find one, COMMIT to the collaboration because, none of us is as powerful as all of us.

“Can you talk later?”

➡️ SEND… 


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